The Mind of a Professional Athlete


The Mind of a Professional Athlete

Pro athletes all have coaches. They have coaches to train their muscles and coaches to train their minds. Athletes are applying the latest techniques from the emerging field of neuroscience to literally rewire the way they think about their bodies, stretch for more wins, and rebound quicker from losses.

Mind Training or “Coaching” is going main-stream. Today surgeons, hedge fund traders, sales executives, and seasoned entrepreneurs are leveraging coaching to maximize their professional capabilities. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says it so well when he speaks about why he works with a coach (more here).

I am an executive coach. I work with people, across various professions, looking to maximize their potential. I became a coach, after experiencing the benefits of coaching first-hand. Coaching helped me envision and declare my goals, reframe the blocks holding me back, and ultimately I feel I am living my life now more in accordance with my values.

Here is why coaching works:

1. Creates awareness & focus. Coaching provides you that block of time you set aside for you. You move yourself up your own priority list. You typically meet with your coach twice a month, over phone, via Skype or, in person. You set just two hours aside each month, time to invest in yourself.

2. Naming your goals. Coaching will break your day-to-day cycle, the “groundhog” day effect. You will visualize your short-term and long-term dreams. Visualization will enable you to create tangible ways to get there. You have the answers locked inside your mind somewhere. Your coach brings you powerful questions, ones that help unlock the path forward.

3. Identifying your blocks. Coaching engagements are typically six months periods of time. Along your journey, you will identify blocks, behaviors, or just things in your way. Coaching does have moments of hard-work. Your biceps won’t get stronger if you only lift 5 lb. weights. Your mind will need you to work in some repetitions with more weight too.

4. Accountability. Your Coach becomes your trusted accountability partner. With the meetings, you create a planned way to move forward towards obtaining your goals.

5. Recognition. Your Coach recognizes your efforts and applauds your initiative. We often don’t get the recognition we so deserve in our daily lives. Your coach provides you that important feedback, a powerful motivation to keep pushing forward.

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