Everyone needs a coach.

Coaching is the norm in areas like competitive sports, performing, or wherever you are working hard to achieve something substantial. No matter what your goals are, coaching provides you with 1:1 feedback, a mirror to see yourself as others see you, and the structure to help you grow and succeed.

Watch the video to hear from both Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt on the benefits of coaching.

Coaching accelerates growth.

Working with a coach will help you create stretch goals and overcome obstacles that may be holding you back. Coaching brings your leadership to the next level by bringing your priorities into clearer focus. You define who you are, what you care about, and what you need to be at your best.

Each person's needs are unique, but ask yourself: 

  • As a CEO my job is risky and hard, could I use someone to talk to besides my board to gain perspective?

  • Is my company scaling, which makes me need to learn how to delegate better?

  • Do I want to hone my leadership style to step forward and lead authentically?

  • Am I effectively juggling life-work balance and looking to improve my time management?

An entrepreneur's coach.

The human condition. 

At our core, we are similar. We have goals and dreams.  We have fears that keep us small.  We are surrounded by people who inspire us, others who annoy us. Heroes and Nemeses.  We get stuck in patterns of thinking and being.  We yearn to get unstuck.  We aspire for more, we strive to reach our full potential…and, for entrepreneurs, this is all magnified.

Entrepreneurs dream big. 
A coach is there for: "The WHY?"

Entrepreneurs see the world through a unique prism, believing in the potential for new products in emerging sectors and seeing a way to make them happen.   When setbacks emerge and that vision gets hindered, a coach can assist you in re-energizing that mission and re-declaring the core values.  

Entrepreneurs take risks. 
A coach is there for: "HOW are we going to do this?"

Starting a business takes guts.  An entrepreneur is on the line, fully accountable. Making rapid-fire decisions, sometimes with data, but , often, based on gut.   A coach understands this mindset and draws out your thinking on those key decisions that need vetting.  

Entrepreneurs build teams. 
A coach is there for: "WHO are we going to do this with?"

Entrepreneurs create high-performing teams, scouting for talent, and recruiting to make their dream team.  A coach helps you hold up that mirror to yourself to understand your strengths and to hire into your gaps.

Entrepreneurs run the race. 

Building a business has elements of running a marathon, charging through obstacles and then setting the intention to get through the next peak.  A coach keeps the focus on the “Why", "How” and the "Who" that needs to happen in immediate mile that lies ahead, while also keeping the goal of the finish line in view.


"We all need people who give us feedback, that's how we improve."

- Bill Gates



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Having spent 15 years as a venture capitalist, I leverage the skills learned investing in start-ups to now coach entrepreneurs.  My coaching draws on a wide variety of experiences as I mix my investor background with training from the experts in the field of Positive Psychology and Adaptive Change.  I was a partner with Fidelity Ventures, the venture capital arm of Fidelity Investments.  At Fidelity, I generated over $800M in returns from backing companies including Airespace, ONI Systems, and Xoom.

A VC learning from failure and success

Across my investment tenure, I’ve seen the cycles, riding the booms and cresting into the busts.  I’ve backed companies that merged to create global scale,  companies that IPO’d with banner NASDAQ listings,  and many many that didn’t make it.   Those failures generating lessons learned that are just as valuable as the lessons learned from the winners.    

Deep appreciation for entrepreneurs

At the core of all these companies, I have developed a deep appreciation and respect for the entrepreneurs who make it happen.