The coaching process.


My approach to coaching.

Studies show that the biggest obstacle to a more fulfilling career and personal life for yourself is you. My approach to coaching involves helping you identify your key improvement goals making for a "solutions-focused" approach. You will work through a period of self-inquiry and visualization of your future success to shift your mindset and behaviors.

Why coaching works.

Creating awareness and focus.

Coaching provides you a block of time set aside just for you. You will move yourself up your own priority list. We will typically meet twice a month, over the phone, via Skype or, in person if logistics work. You just set two hours aside each month and invest in yourself.

Naming your goals.

Coaching will break your day-to-day cycle, the "groundhog" day effect. You will visualize your short-term and long-term dreams. Visualization will enable you to create tangible dreams. You have the answers locked inside your mind somewhere. As your coach, my role is to bring you powerful questions, to help unlock the path forward.

Identifying your blocks.

Along your personal journey, you will identify blocks. behaviors, or just things in your way. Coaching does have moments of hard-work. Your biceps won't get stronger if you only lift 5lb weights. Your mind will need you to work in repetitions with more weight too.


I am your trusted accountability partner. With our meetings we work together to create a planned way to move forward towards obtaining your goals.


We often don't get the recognition we deserve in our daily lives. Coaching provides you that important feedback, a powerful motivation to keep pushing forward.

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  • Name the friction points.
  • Call out the now, define your baseline.


  • Manifest what's next for you.
  • Remove the roadblocks.


  • Challenge yourself in new ways. 
  • Safely test and validate, iterating in small increments to big change.


  • Synthesize and start action. 
  • See where you've arrived and be the leader you want to be.

We are a lot like S-curves, with increased time and increased performance, we feel like we have reached a crescendo, a peak. We can feel stuck in how to raise ourselves to the next peak. Wherever you are on your own S-curve, coaching can shift the trajectory.

Where does coaching happen?

I work with clients all over the world. The work is effective over Skype or phone. It is not required to meet in person.

How long does it take?

While there is a "process", the work is custom. It depends on how fast you want to move and your commitment to your own process. Average engagements are 4-10 months.

How much will it cost?

Each coaching program is tailored to meet the needs and budget of our clients. This is a business expense and tax deductible.  

How do I Get started?

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