CEO of EventBrite and Co-Founder of Xoom (IPO, sale to PayPal)

"I’ve collaborated with Anne on Xoom’s board of directors for the past 11 years.  Anne provided perspective and advice to the board as we scaled the company through venture rounds to IPO and beyond.  Anne has this ability to ask questions that get to the heart of the matter.  She excels at making the implicit explicit, and having people talk about the key issues in a real way.  Anne gets the people side of what it takes to build great businesses."




CEO Handy

"I bring Anne my most pressing problems, and we talk through the various issues.  I trust her unequivocally, and there is tremendous value to having her unbiased perspective.   Through our coaching sessions, I am able to discuss topics before I raise them with other stakeholders.  A big part of the value of coaching is sorting through what is on my mind, and distilling it to the root of the problem.   I leave our sessions with actionable ideas that move me and my business forward."



CEO of Content Raven

"I’ve worked with Anne as my coach for the past year through the start-up journey of taking my company from the boot-strapped stage to being successfully venture funded.   Anne mixes together all the necessary skills to be great coach.  She is a great listener who also motivates and challenges me to bring out my best.  Having Anne as my coach has definitely given me a competitive edge."


Venture Capitalist, Founder of Kepha Partners

Anne took me through a focused and action-oriented program to help me increase my career effectiveness. Also, it was a fun process. ‬I'd strongly recommend her to any entrepreneur or business exec. looking to do better and to do well.



Chairman at OpenTable

"Anne and I were fellow directors on the Board of XOOM.  We served during a period in which the company transformed from a private to public company.  Anne served as a catalyst for change to the quality of our meetings.  Anne masterfully led our board self evaluation process in a highly effective and efficient manner.   The process yielded practical changes that had an immediate positive impact for both the Board and the management team.  Her combination of prior board experience coupled with a talent for active listening and collaboration enabled us to get the most out of the time we spent together."



Founder & CEO at MosaixSoft, Inc.

"“I first worked with Anne when she was my board member at Airespace, and more recently as my executive coach.  I had never had a coach before working with Anne, and I was initially skeptical about what coaching was all about or what it could do for me.  But I now see the impact.  Every CEO gets "blocked". Anne gave me practical advice to take these blocks and unblock them.   I value having Anne as a trusted thought partner.  Being a CEO is a lonely job, and I’ve taken discussions to her I just can’t have anywhere else.” 


CEO Xoom

"Scaling a business requires keeping the focus on the momentum and avoiding being blindsided by setbacks. Anne was my trusted advisor, serving as a director on our board, from the start-up phase through IPO and our recent merger with PayPal.  She provided invaluable counsel at the key pivot points.   She stretched my thinking in new ways, brainstorming around open questions and possible solutions, and was a trusted resource to myself and my executive team.  Anne has been a valued contributor to our success, and I highly recommend her coaching to executives looking to boost their effectiveness."


Founder, Engaging Users

"I've had an incredible experience working with Anne as my executive coach over the last 2 years. Anne is thoughtful, a GREAT listener, and extremely good at teasing out the areas to focus and tying them back to my overarching goals to give me a consistent thread in my development. Her approach is very action oriented and each session I get tangible assignments and experiments that help me strengthen my toolbox and awareness. Anne has helped me build the confidence and focus I needed to grow my own business and find success.”