Daring to be great.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive, an investment partner, or an innovative company, you are daring to be great.  

Greatness comes from pursuing original opportunities, taking risks, demonstrating initiative, and achieving the remarkable goals you have set for yourself.  Striving for greatness means overcoming unforeseen obstacles, facing uncertain outcomes, leading others, and dealing with failure.  

Coaching helps you stretch farther than you would on your own by providing structure, guidance and the tools you need along the way.

Coaching accelerates your growth.

Daring people have internal pressure and a personal driving force.  A coach harnesses that motivation and helps you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, providing you with an outside perspective.

Coaching helps you move past inflection points and holds you accountable as you work towards accomplishing your ambitious goals.

Working with me.

My approach to executive coaching provides you with regular 1:1 feedback, a mirror to see yourself as others see you, and another perspective from a trusted confidante.  Together we will identify your goals and outline a plan of action to accomplish them. Examples of areas to focus include:

  • Strengthening your desired skills
  • Resolving points of indecision when data and intuition collide
  • Handling the inevitable ups and downs of leadership
  • Finding new direction during career inflection points
  • Improving time-management and productivity
  • Achieving your full potential

A typical coaching engagement is 6 months. We connect for a 1 hour session every other week, which creates a natural cadence for making plans, taking action, and seeing results. 


  • CEO of a NYC-based, Series C venture-backed company
  • Investment Partner of a Boston-based venture capital fund
  • CEO of a Boston-based Series A venture-backed company
  • A VP of UX and Design of a Boston-based, venture-backed company
  • CEO of a San Francisco-based, Series A venture-backed company

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I am a certified executive coach working with C-suite executives, investment partners and innovative companies to help them reach their full potential. I believe in the science to coaching, and am trained in the areas of positive psychology and mindfulness.

Having spent over 15 years as a venture capitalist at Fidelity Ventures, I understand the entrepreneur's journey and the investment partner's mindset. I have helped build companies through the up and down cycles. I've had a seat at the boardroom table, and experienced firsthand that great companies and leaders don't just happen, they are made.


  • 1:1 Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Leadership 360s
  • Board Optimization
  • Off-site Facilitation

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Radical Candor CoacHING

I am a certified Radical Candor coach. You can learn more about Radical Candor by visiting RadicalCandor.com.

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Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity 
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The coaching process.


My approach to coaching.

Studies show that the biggest obstacle to a more fulfilling career and personal life for yourself is you. My approach to coaching involves helping you identify your key improvement goals making for a "solutions-focused" approach. You will work through a period of self-inquiry and visualization of your future success to shift your mindset and behaviors.

Helping my clients achieve greatness. 

This is the human condition: at our core, we are similar. We have goals and dreams. We have hidden fears that keep us small. We are surrounded by people who inspire us, others who annoy us. We get stuck in patterns of thinking and being and yearn to get unstuck. We aspire for more, we strive to reach our full potential. Coaching helps you break past those patterns.

You desire greatness - I help you get there.

Success typically involves hard work at a fast pace, all while building skills you never knew you’d need and charging past obstacles you never anticipated. I am here to help you reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, and learn from them by focusing on the things that matter, not what holds you back.

You need to scale your team - I help you lead authentically.

One common challenge of leading a fast-growing, high-performing team is staying confident and remaining true to your vision.  I’m here to reflect your leadership image back onto you, help you unearth those uncomfortable spots, and tune your leadership style in a way that feels authentic to you.

You face uncertainty - I push you past it.  

You likely encounter uncomfortable conflicts between that feeling in your gut, the data you’ve observed, and the opinions of your team. I’m here to talk through these tough key decisions as a neutral, independent third party - so you can move past uncertainty and feel confident about your decisions.

Your path can get rocky - I remind you why you’re walking it.  

By taking the initiative to be different, you see the world through a unique prism, believing in the potential to create new products, new services, new markets.  When setbacks emerge and you feel frustrated and disengaged, I’m here as a catalyst to help you reconnect with your mission and values..

You might get stuck - I break you out of that pattern.

We all have daily annoyances that distract us, hidden fears that keep us small, and patterns of thinking and being.  I’m here to guide you to envision where you want to be and set concrete milestones.   Coaching provides you with the accountability to help you stay true to your objectives.



  • Name the friction points.
  • Call out the now, define your baseline.


  • Manifest what's next for you.
  • Remove the roadblocks.


  • Challenge yourself in new ways. 
  • Safely test and validate, iterating in small increments to big change.


  • Synthesize and start action. 
  • See where you've arrived and be the leader you want to be.

We are a lot like S-curves, with increased time and increased performance, we feel like we have reached a crescendo, a peak. We can feel stuck in how to raise ourselves to the next peak. Wherever you are on your own S-curve, coaching can shift the trajectory.


I’m based in Boston, but work with clients around the world connecting via phone or video chat.

How long DOES IT TAKE?

Your coaching will be tailored to your unique needs, but a typical coaching engagement is 6 months. We connect for a 1 hour session every other week

How much will it cost?

Each coaching program is tailored to meet the needs and budget of our clients. This is a business expense and tax deductible.  

How do I Get started?

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Executive Coaching Testimonials


Founder & CEO at MosaixSoft, Inc.

"I first worked with Anne when she was my board member at Airespace, and more recently as my executive coach.  I had never had a coach before working with Anne, and I was initially skeptical about what coaching was all about or what it could do for me.  But I now see the impact.  Every CEO gets "blocked". Anne gave me practical advice to take these blocks and unblock them.   I value having Anne as a trusted thought partner.  Being a CEO is a lonely job, and I’ve taken discussions to her I just can’t have anywhere else.” 

Oisin Hanrahan

CEO Handy

"I bring Anne my most pressing problems, and we talk through the various issues.  I trust her unequivocally, and there is tremendous value to having her unbiased perspective.   Through our coaching sessions, I am able to discuss topics before I raise them with other stakeholders.  A big part of the value of coaching is sorting through what is on my mind, and distilling it to the root of the problem.   I leave our sessions with actionable ideas that move me and my business forward."


Venture Capitalist, Founder of Kepha Partners

Anne took me through a focused and action-oriented program to help me increase my career effectiveness. Also, it was a fun process. ‬I'd strongly recommend her to any entrepreneur or business exec. looking to do better and to do well.



CEO of Content Raven

"I’ve worked with Anne as my coach for the past year through the start-up journey of taking my company from the boot-strapped stage to being successfully venture funded.   Anne mixes together all the necessary skills to be great coach.  She is a great listener who also motivates and challenges me to bring out my best.  Having Anne as my coach has definitely given me a competitive edge."


John Kunze

CEO Xoom

"Scaling a business requires keeping the focus on the momentum and avoiding being blindsided by setbacks. Anne was my trusted advisor, serving as a director on our board, from the start-up phase through IPO and our recent merger with PayPal.  She provided invaluable counsel at the key pivot points.   She stretched my thinking in new ways, brainstorming around open questions and possible solutions, and was a trusted resource to myself and my executive team.  Anne has been a valued contributor to our success, and I highly recommend her coaching to executives looking to boost their effectiveness."

Carrie Wiley

Founder, Engaging Users

"I've had an incredible experience working with Anne as my executive coach over the last 2 years. Anne is thoughtful, a GREAT listener, and extremely good at teasing out the areas to focus and tying them back to my overarching goals to give me a consistent thread in my development. Her approach is very action oriented and each session I get tangible assignments and experiments that help me strengthen my toolbox and awareness. Anne has helped me build the confidence and focus I needed to grow my own business and find success.”

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Every client has different goals, objectives, and a situation that is unique to them. Our initial meeting will be focused on my learning more about your objectives, and discussing where coaching best fits your priorities. Contact me to set up a time to discuss your needs and learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals.

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